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January 25, 2003

Jensen Beach, Stuart and Manatee Pocket

I have just realized that the log has not been updated for several weeks and all of you that are following our adventure must be wondering what has happened to us! Well, we completed our trip north the week of January 13th and it was a very successful. We accomplished all we had had to do and had nice visits with friends, family and former work associates. The boat was safe at the Pelican's Nest marina on the St. Lucie River and she was as we left her when we climbed back aboard last Sunday. We decided to stay in the marina another day or two to complete several projects that are best done when "attached to the hard". I ordered and had installed a new 12 volt DC refirgeration system to comliment the engine drive unit. This was done by Wednesday and I also had the stuffing box for the drive shaft adjusted - it was leaking more than it should. Some drips are OK since the water lubricates the bearing. We left Pelican's Nest on Thursday AM as a cold front was moving in with high winds from the west and anchored in a protected area just down river from the marina. Yesterday we moved again to Manatee Pocket which is a very sheltered cove and close to stores, etc. Went to West Marine for another provisioning trip and had dinner with Dave and Kay Lucas. The last two nights have been as cold as any we have experienced on our trip with record cold temperatures here! The wind is now calm and the sun is out so we are back to T-shirts. If weather permits, we will leave here tomorrow and go "outside" for the leg down to Palm Beach - about 20 miles. We only have 4 travel days left to get to Key Biscayne - our jump off point for the Bahamas. All very exciting.

Posted by Dick at January 25, 2003 11:14 AM