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March 26, 2008

March in the Abacos

Its 6:45 AM on March 25th and I have been I the pilot house all night standing anchor watch as yet another front comes through with high winds. We had no problems but it is better to be here where I can keep an eye on things just in case. I always set the anchor drag alarm on the GPS but I cannot hear it down in the master stateroom so whenever I think conditions warrant it, I sleep (actually doze and half asleep) in the pilothouse.
Yesterday we were invited for sundowners on another trawler named “Gale Force” that is anchored next to us here at Elbow Cay. The boat is owned by Gale (thus the boat name) and Tom Zavelson from Gainesville Florida. He is a retired pediatrician and the boat was new 14 months ago. Their previous boat was a Krogen 42 about the same age as Courage. It is always fun to meet other cruisers especially when there is a common thread like having owned the same boats!
We have been getting emails from our cruising friends Louise and Dalton Marks on “Pendragon”. They have been in the Exumas this winter and are headed our way. They should be here in the Abacos within the next week subject to getting good weather for the hop across the Northeast Passage. It will be good to see them again.
My trip back to New Jersey for the Fresh Creek board meeting had the usual air travel problems with delays and the security hassle but I eventually got there and the meeting went well. I brought back a lot of stuff for Sue and the boat and didn’t have a problem getting it all through Bahamian customs. Sue baby sat the boat and had to deal with high winds from the west that made the dinghy bounce against the stern of the boat but she got the people at the marina to help her move it, and it all worked out OK.
Yesterday we had two rain squalls come through and were able to use the new water catcher to fill up the tank completely. It really works well and avoids the need to go into a marina every 7 – 10 days not to mention the $30 it costs to fill the tank at a marina.
I have continued to do boat maintenance projects – mostly cosmetic varnish work and polishing brass and stainless steel. My hands are sore from the rubbing and dry from the chemicals I use to clean and polish but there is the pride of ownership thing as the reward.
Kat and her family arrive Thursday for their weeklong visit and we are looking forward to having them aboard. We just hope the weather warms up and the wind settles down a bit while they are here. We still have not been in the water to swim or snorkel!
My local Internet access provider is off the air at the moment due to the fiber optic cable to the US being down. When this happens, it is usually back up again in an hour or so and I can hopefully post this log entry then.

Posted by Dick at March 26, 2008 07:28 AM