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November 14, 2010

October 10.2010

On Friday October 22nd, I got an email from or London landlady “Bridget” saying that there had been a water leak in the apartment above hers and that there was extensive damage to her flat so it was no longer available to us on the 25th! Yikes!!! Fortunately, she went right to work and after a two day search found us another flat called the “Pink Palace” in the Earls Court area of London. It turned out to be one we had considered. By Sunday night, she had made the arrangements with the owner for us to use the flat and transferred our rent money to them. What a relief!
The second weekend in the Romanian countryside was a trip to Sebiu in Chris and Louisa’s new (used) Hyundai Santa Fe. It is a very nice vehicle with lots of room for the three of them with Neva in the 3rd row rear seat and their guests in the back seat. It is a diesel but is very quiet and has good peppy performance.
We left from their apartment mid morning on Saturday and were on a major highway with little traffic the first half of the trip. The highway then shrank to a one lane paved but rough road as it would through the pass in the mountains up onto the high plain and the town of Sibiu. It is an old medieval town with many cobble stone streets remaining and like most old towns of this era, many churches. Louisa had made reservations at a six room B&B that were very comfortable and rustic. To enter the courtyard of the B&B, you drive through a large arched door. The cost per room was about $50 including a full European breakfast – scrambled eggs to order, cheese, several choices of meat, bread, and sweets. Of course, we had a choice of hot chocolate, coffee or tea. Neva enjoyed being waitress and bringing us food and drinks, and then clearing the table when we were through!
Once settled into our rooms, we went out for a walk through the town. The town square has a water fountain with multiple spouts that comes on every few minutes and of course Neva had to run between the spouts and eventually got her shoes and socks wet. It didn’t seem to bother her even though it was a chilly (but sunny) fall day. She is clearly a water person! Saturday evening we went to dinner at a local restaurant that Chris had been to on a business trip several months ago. It is in an old wine cellar and very picturesque and the food was good and the prices reasonable. As before, smoking was permitted and even though it wasn’t too bad, it is still noticeable when you have gotten use to smoke free eating and breathing!
Sunday we walked around town again, got Romanian soft pretzels and then checked out of the B&B and headed down the road towards Bucharest with a side trip on a real back country road complete with horse drawn carts and colorfully dressed peasants to the town of Curtea de Arges. We were looking for a place to have lunch and found a playground where Neva joined in with the local kids playing tag for a few minutes. We had almost given up on lunch when we found a very nice restaurant and had a pleasant late afternoon Sunday cooked meal. I was adventurous and had grilled carp which was very light and tasty! We then headed back to Bucharest arriving after dark. Monday morning we said goodbye to Chris and Neva, packed up and Louisa drove us to the airport for our flight to London.

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