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July 03, 2011

Hauled out in Deltaville, VA

It is the weekend of the 4th of July and we are in Deltaville, VA sitting in the Deltaville Boatyard on the hard doing the bottom painting and other unscheduled repairs! We got here on June 21st and were hauled out the next day. I reviewed the work I wanted the yard to do while Sue and I did the bottom painting and they started in checking out the possible problems.
Yes, there was a leak of transmission fluid but fortunately the fix is to replace the nut that has a built in seal at the back of the transmission. The replacement was ordered and has arrived but they have not installed it yet!
Yes, the cutlass bearing was worn out and unfortunately the drive shaft was also worn so badly that a new one had to be made. The order was placed with the local shaft machining shop and it supposedly was finished last Friday but nobody knows if it was delivered so it will be Tuesday after the holiday before we know when it will be available to install. The replacement cutlass bearing arrived and after I raised some hell, they worked to try to install it yesterday (Saturday) but it doesn’t fit – too big. They recommend sending it out to be machined down (another delay and more $$) so we don’t know when it will be installed and the new shaft installed!
Yes, there was a small diesel fuel leak on the gen set and fortunately it only involves replacing three O rings that were ordered – but again nobody knows if they have arrived or when they will be installed. Fortunately this can be done in parallel with the cutlass bearing and drive shaft work so shouldn’t slow us down.
Yes, there was a small ding in one blade of the propeller which I decided to straighten myself (to save the $3-400 cost of sending it to a prop shop. The prop is not cleaned and repainted and ready to install – after the new shaft is put in place.
Yes, there was a small hydraulic leak where the bow thruster hydraulic hose attaches to the pump. I borrowed a large wrench from the very helpful local NAPA store and took the fitting apart and cleaned it carefully and reassembled it so hopefully the leak is gone.
Yes, the generator cast iron exhaust elbow was rusted through and I installed the new stainless steel one I bought. It was difficult because of the location is hard to get to but it is done!
The new VHF radio I had to buy a month ago because the old one had gone feet up also failed. I went to the local West Marine store and they agreed to order in a no charge replacement that was due last Friday but when I went to pick it up, they said that the guy who helped me forgot to place the order so no radio! They agreed to have the replacement express shipped (at their cost) to hopefully be here by Tuesday afternoon. We shall see ….
In the mean time, Sue and I have cleaned and sanded the hull below the waterline and applied two coats of bright blue bottom paint. I change colors every time we do this so I can see when the current bottom paint has worn through. I also repainted the boot stripe and have been polishing the topside of the hull to take out all the scuff marks from my less than perfect docking techniques! Courage does clean up nicely but with the temperature at 90+ degrees and the humidity high it can be exhausting work for a pair of 71 year olds! Fortunately the marina has a nice pool and it does cool off at night after sunset so sleeping is OK.
IF all goes well (ho, ho … it’s a boat) we should be back in the water by Tuesday or Wednesday and underway up the Chesapeake and at Swan Creek Sunday 10th where Liz has agreed to come and pick us up and take us back to her house so we can get the Fuller/Turner loaner car to use the next few weeks.
By the way, our trip north from Charleston was very nice and uneventful. Good weather, cooperative tides and currents and no navigation or other problems.
We stopped in New Bern, NC and left Courage for about two weeks while we visited with Kat and Jaidan and got to meet Zelda Lockhart, her daughter Alex and see Jaidan practice baseball. The next week his team won its last two games and the championship! He is good and gets the bat on the ball almost every swing. We then went on to Liz’s house to visit and for dermatology appointments and Sue’s annual visit to her oncologist. It was probably her last one so she is really declared “C” free!
New pictures of all of the above will be posted – hopefully later today.

Posted by Dick at July 3, 2011 10:08 AM