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April 03, 2003

Happy Birthday Dick and Sue

March 25th through April 1st
Mibs and Walt arrived on schedule on the 27th. It was a typical beautiful Bahamian day with bright sunshine and a nice breeze. We settled in aboard Omega, relaxed for several hours with a welcome aboard Caribbean drink and then went in the dinghy to “Peace and Plenty” for a nice dinner. We were anchored close to the restaurant dock so it was s short dinghy ride for the new sailors.
On Friday we ventured out into Exuma sound and a short distance south to Pigeon Cay, which we had been told offered a nice beach and good snorkeling. We anchored in the lee of the Cay and went ashore in the dinghy to the beach. While it was beautiful, there was no snorkeling we could find so we did a practice run for Mibs and Walt who had not done any snorkeling before. We then sailed back and anchored at Crab Cay for the night. We had Black Angus steaks done on the barbecue with (Dick’s version) of Bahamian rice and pigeon peas. Good meal!
Saturday we discovered a great snorkeling reef right in Georgetown harbor with almost no current and easy access. There were a wide variety of corals, sea fans, and sponges along with a nice range of fish including several types of very colorful Angelfish. I saw a small (12-15 inch) Moray eel, and we all saw several Sea Cucumbers - a “slug” like creature that looks like a very fat caterpillar. Mibs and Walt were thrilled with the snorkeling experience. We went back to the same spot the next day and it was just as unique and wonderful.
By Sunday the weather turned nasty with rain and high winds from the west shifting to north. The front blew through with a rainsquall about 2 AM and the wind going up to mid 20’s by daybreak. The rain passed but the wind has continued in the 20 to 30 kn range ever since. We couldn’t do much but hang out in the cockpit or cabin, read, listen to music, talk and nap. This schedule seemed to agree with everyone so I didn’t feel bad for them. Last night I opened the whole chicken in a can and turned it into a chicken stew with carrots, onions, eggplant, tomatoes, red and green peppers and of course Pigeon Peas! Homemade biscuits went with the stew. Sue had made a batch of peanut butter cookies that served as desert for several days.
Our guests left for the airport at noon today so we are back to just us two. It was fun having them on board and hope they will visit us again now that they know that Omega is much larger than they thought and is really a comfortable floating home.
As soon as this front blows itself out and we get some favorable south wind, we will start moving north. We are both celebrating our birthdays this week. This year is nothing special so it is quiet. We are both happy to have good health and to be able to be pursuing the dream!

Posted by Dick at 01:19 PM