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October 31, 2003

New Computer aboard!

We are in Morehead City NC at Spooners Creek Marina and will have company this weekend with a visit from KAT and Jackie. We are looking forward to their visit.
My computer finally died totally and yesterday we went to the local Staples and bought a new Compaq Preserio 2100. I've got AOL working but am still working on the Internet connection vis cell and satellite phones. The new computer also can now download photos so I will be adding them to the site this weekend. All is well but the cool (occasionally cold) weather has us anxious to ge further south!

Posted by Dick at 08:30 AM

October 23, 2003

We start south again

We left Annapolis last Saturday and declared it the start of our southward journey for this year. The first leg was to Herrington Bay where we anchored outside of the harbor in gentle westerly breezes. the next leg was to Solomons MD near the Woodburns grocery store to do some provisioning. this yearf we know a lot of the local harbors and places to go (or not go) so it is somewhat easier than last year when it was all so new to us. Monday we moved south to Reedville VA and another very protected anchorage with beautiful views. There were 4 other boats anchored in the same area so we seem to have more southbound company this year because of being three weeks earlier.
We are now at Zimmerman Marine in cardinal VA off of Mobjack Bay having some mnaintenance done to be sure everything is oK for the trip south. This place has a very well deserved excellent reputation and so far the service has been all I could have wanted. We expect to be out of hear saturday AM headed for the Hampton/Norfolk area and by next Monday be started down from mile marker Zero (Norfolk) of the Intercoastal.
My computer USB port problem is still not resolved so I still can't access the internet over cell or satellite phone. I'm currently using the martinaq office land line. I also cannot download photos from the camers so there have been no photo album postings for several weeks. hopefully this will get resolved soon.

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October 11, 2003

The ships log and photo albums have not been updated recently due to computer and other electronics problems. The USB port on the computer literally has broken off so I can’t plug in the digital camera to download photos. UG! Now I have to decide if I try to get it fixed or upgrade to a new computer. What a pain since this one is large and fast enough to do anything we need to do. Stay tuned for the results. It also means I cannot plug in the cell phone for Internet access so I’m using the new Globalstar satellite phone but it seems to drop the signal frequently and is frustrating – plus expensive. I got it so we could have “reliable” phone coverage in the Bahamas – never expecting to have troubles in the states - ho!
The wedding went off as schedules with the weather cooperating nicely. Ethan did sky dive into the wedding site and Carolyn arrived by carriage. It was a beautiful setting and a lovely and memorable wedding. They wrote their own vows and the official marrying them is a personal friend and personalized the ceremony. Several couples from Race to the altar were there and there were a lot of jokes around the show, etc.
Sunday following the wedding we went to visit daughter Liz and Mike in PA and went up to Pocono Race track where their Porches club was having an event. Sue and I both got a ˝ hour ride on the track with two of the “Red” (= best, = fastest!) drivers in the club. WOW – what a rush to be whipping around the track at 140+ mph and then into the hairpin turns.
We stayed with Liz and Mike until Friday while I made new turquoise ultrasuede cushion covers for the inside of Omega. They look very cool and are much more comfortable to sit on than the old scratchy polyester ones. Also made a sunscreen for the back of the Bimini and did some repairs on the Bimini. We helped Liz celebrate her birthday October 1st and came back to Omega on the 3rd.
It was good to be back aboard and we crossed the Chesapeake in a nice breeze to attend the Whitby/Brewer owner’s association rendezvous in Whitehall Creek near Annapolis. It was fun to meet other owners of the same or similar boats and compare notes. It is a nice group of serious cruising sailors.
We moved to Spa Creek in Annapolis last Sunday to be for the boat show. It is the largest “in the water” boat show in the world with every imaginable type of equipment and boat on display. Naturally we (I) did some shopping for “stuff” we had to have.
We will be moving on south this coming week after I pick up the new (used) mainsail Monday and the outboard is finished being overhauled. We are planning to meet daughter Katherine and her partner Jackie in Morehead City NC the weekend of November 1st and proceed south from there to Florida by early December. We need to be in Marsh Harbor, Abacos, Bahamas by mid December to meet Louisa and Chris who are coming to visit for Christmas. They have just gotten Scuba qualified so we plan to do some diving with them.
Hopefully I will be able to put photos on the web site soon but be patient in the mean time while we sort out the computer problems.

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