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April 18, 2004

North to Norfolk

We left Charleston around noon on the 9th and motor sailed overnight to Cape Fear, NC in very pleasant conditions. We continued up the Cape Fear River to Wrightsville Beach and after stopping for fuel, anchored out for the night.
To stay on “schedule”, we left early the next morning and motored north to the anchorage at Camp LeJeune. We were joined by six other boats in this popular spot. Another early start the next day took us to the marina at Spooner’s Creek just south of Morehead City, NC.
We had called to reserve an Enterprise rental car and by 11 AM the next day were had completed our boat chores and were on our way to Durham to visit KAT and Jackie and meet my new grandson Jaidan.
The two days we spent with them were as usual fun and enjoyable. KAT and Jackie are proving to be very good parents (no surprise) and Jaidan is a contented happy baby and is just starting to smile and be able to see things close to him. They are all doing well. We had dinner out one night and the next night granddad cooked a Talapia fish dinner using a new Bahamian recipe. It all disappeared so I guess it turned out OK.
We drove back to the boat on Thursday, did some provisioning and cleaned up the boat to be ready for an earl start the next day. We did about 70 miles that day, another 52 the next, and 50 today where we are anchored about 3 miles south of Coinjock, NC. We will stop in Coinjock tomorrow morning for fuel and then proceed to Norfolk where we have a marina slip reserved for a week while we drive back to NJ for Sue’s appointment with her doctor. The first few days of this segment were cold but the last two days have been wonderfully warm with clear skies and southwest winds for nice sailing. Life is good.

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April 09, 2004

We are in Charleston and it has been another long gap since the log was updated. After our trip up through the Berry’s we crossed to Grand Bahama Island and the marina at Lucaya. It is a mice place to visit for an day to get rested, go out for a diner at one of the local restaurants, do laundry, etc. We did all that and then set out for West End to stay overnight before making the crossing to the US.
We got to West End by 1 PM and filled up with diesel and decided to push on and cross since the weather was so nice. We ended up going across to Cape Canaveral and got in there early the next morning. The crossing became “lumpy” about half way across with the wind and Gulf Stream “fighting” but it was only uncomfortable – not dangerous.
We met our neighbors on the boat in the next slip who had a car and they offered to take us to the local Publix to provision. We were low on food because we had been waiting to get back to the US for the lower prices.
We left Canaveral on April 1st and went overnight to St. Augustine and again arrived just at sunrise. This leg was smooth and uneventful.
The next leg was to Cumberland Island during daylight. We spent a day walking the island and the Atlantic beach side. It is a beautiful place and is preserved as a National Park – only accessible by boat.
The next two days we stayed on the Intercoastal and the second night were at Ft. Frederica, GA on the Frederica River. The English built this Fort about 1740 as their Southern most location to protect against the Spanish in Florida. It is a National Park and what is left of it is nicely preserved with signs explaining the ruins and history.
From Ft. Frederica we continued up the ICW and anchored just South of St. Catherine’s Sound. The next morning we left and headed out into the Atlantic again and went overnight to Charleston. For Sue’s birthday, we went into the old part of town to walk around, visit the Charleston Museum (a display of old quilts) and have a soft pretzel (see photo album). Diner at was at “39 Rue de John” on John Street. We ate there last time we were in Charleston and enjoyed it. It was very nice this time too. Today we will leave at noon with the outgoing tide and go overnight to Cape Fear, NC. The weather promises to be pleasant.

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