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May 16, 2004

The Chesapeke and trips to NJ

We are in Beach Haven, NJ taking advantage of the hospitality of friends Bonnie and Skip who offered the use of their house here while Sue recovers from her operation. The operation took place May 6th and was very successful. She was in the OR only 45 minutes and the biopsy done on the cyst was negative for cancer. This is what we expected from the pre operation tests. She was discharged 2 days after the operation and other than the soreness from the incision, has been doing fine. We expert to back to the boat early next week.
To catch you up on the actual boating, we were in Coinjock, VA as of the last log entry. Next stop was Norfolk at Tidewater Maria where we left the boat for 6 days while we drove to NJ for Sue’s pre operation visit with the doctor. We then went north to Willoughby Bay by the Hampton Roads harbor entrance. The next day we entered the Chesapeake Bay and moved north to Fishing Bay by Deltaville. This is a very nice and safe anchorage that we have used before. Our next leg was to Reedville, which was the home of the Menhaden fleet. These small fish were caught for fertilizer until they were over fished and disappeared. Another example of the mismanagement (or lack of management?) of our natural resources by the federal government. We have anchored in this area before but never right up in the harbor by the town. It is another very sheltered anchorage and the town is undergoing redevelopment from commercial fishing to upscale private residences. The next day we left Reedville for Solomons that is one of the big boating ports on the Chesapeake and from there to West River just south of Annapolis. This was our first time into West River and it is also very protected and surrounded by yacht clubs and nice homes.
This whole series of legs was done in perfect weather with mostly south winds so we have comfortable downwind going every day with sunshine.
The next day was blustery northwest wind and rain with haze almost to the point of being fog. We had no trouble getting to Annapolis and tying up to a mooring since we have entered this harbor many times. We finally launched the dinghy off of the foredeck and went ashore for a nice lunch and ice cream! Annapolis is always fun to visit and as usual there was something going on at the waterfront. This time it was a small maritime festival and there was a ‘round the world single-handed 50 foot race boat at the dock and we enjoyed talking to the guy who plans to do the race in ‘05/’06 if he can get the $1.5 million backing it takes to do it! The race is done in 5 legs so you get some time to rest and make repairs between legs. Even so, it is a tough demanding feat – one I would not want to attempt!
The next day we crossed the Chesapeake to Swan Creek and left Omega on a mooring for the trip to NJ for Sue’s operation. We will spend some time on the Chesapeake and then are talking about going further north about July – maybe up the Hudson River and out Long Island Sound to Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. We may then go up to Narragansett Bay and visit with friends. But since the plan is that there is no plan, we cannot say for sure!

Posted by Dick at 07:09 AM