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June 26, 2004

We discover the Mighty Hudson

The photo gallery is more up to date than our ships log! We are now up the Hudson River at the Poughkeepsie Yacht Cub, which is actually 7 miles above Poughkeepsie itself. More on why we are here in a minute.
We hitched a ride back to the boat on Thursday and left Cape May for Atlantic City on the 18th. It was an easy day trip and we were anchored by mid afternoon.
The trip from Atlantic City to Sandy Hook is a long one so we left at 5AM the next morning. The day was a little of everything. The morning was pleasant with a nice offshore breeze and good visibility. Mid morning the temperature reached the critical point and dense fog formed almost instantly. We were following GPS waypoints so it was no problem navigating – just the concern of other boats in the fog. We passed several boats that appeared quickly in the fog and then were gone! Fortunately nobody was being foolish and going fast so no danger. Then the fog burned off and the wind started up from the west and by mid afternoon was blowing 25+ knots. Exciting sailing and we eventually had 2 reefs in the mainsail and a reefed jib. We got around Sandy Hook and anchored behind the breakwater at the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club before dark.
The next day we got a mooring at the club and that afternoon had Sue’s sister in law Lynn and her two children Alexa and Trevor and Sue's son Josh aboard for an evening sail. Lynn and th kids ended up staying aboard overnight. The next morning, after dropping them off at the dock and getting filled up with diesel and water, we started for NY Harbor and anchored next to the Statue of Liberty that night in the mist and rain. It is always exciting to be in NY Harbor with all the ship traffic and sights.
We motored up the Hudson to Nyack, NY just north of the Tappan Zee Bridge the next day. The Palisades are very impressive from the river and the weather was ideal. We went ashore and walked around Nyack. I lived in West Nyack for several years while working for Sony and it is an interesting old town with a lot of cultural activities.
From Nyack we continued up the River past West Point to Cornwall on the Hudson and got a slip at the very friendly and nice Cornwall Yacht Club. West Point classmates of my son Rich are now stationed there and came to Omega with their five children for dinner. Ronnie and John Zsido are wonderful people and their children are well-behaved youngsters. Both John and Ronnie have just become US Army Lt. Colonels (“below the zone”), which means they were promoted earlier than normal. They are 3 years from the optional full retirement at 20 years but have not decided what they will do yet.
The next day we crossed the Hudson to Bannerman’s Island and anchored out. We took a dinghy ride around the Castle Mr. Bannerman built between 1900 and 1920. It is now in ruins and is part of the NY State Park system.
Today we continued up the Hudson to the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club. The plan is to link up with my sister Milbrey and her husband Walton and take a 2 or 3-day trip up the Hudson as far as Catskill and then back here. We are planning to be in Haddonfield for the 4th of July celebration so we are busy!

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June 15, 2004

The C&D Canal and New Jersey

Omega is now in Cape May NJ after making the trip up to the north end of the Chesapeake and through the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. It is always an interesting trip with the large commercial ships going through the canal. They are VERY large when passing going the opposite direction and only 50 feet away!
We stayed overnight half way through the canal at Cesapeake City and made the rest of the trip to Cape May down the Delaware the next day. The outgoing tide helped us cover the 50 miles quickly and we were in the marina in Cape May by late afternoon. We got there at high tide and bumped the top of the mast on the underneath side of the fixed bridge! The chart says 54 feet but with the unusually high tide and some east wind it was just enough less that the advertised clearance that our weathervane got bent! Too close for comfort.
Carolyn and Ethan camd down last weekend and joined us on the boat. We didn't go out sailing due to the tide and bridge clearance problem but we did join other friends for a night out at "The Black Duck" for a nice diner.
We hitched a ride back to Haddonfield and have been at Ruth's house in Marlton the last two days while Sue had her follow up visits with her doctors. All went well and she got a clean bill of health.
We return to Omega tomorrow and then move up the Jersey coast to Atlantic Highlands. After that, our plan is to go up the Hudson River.

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June 05, 2004

The Chestertown "Tea Party" and Cicadas

We are now anchored up the Severn River next to Annapolis after spending a few days in Chestertown on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake. They have an annual “Tea Party” reenactment of the original Chestertown tea party that took place some time after the famous one in Boston. It was on the Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend and is a fun day with a parade, sidewalk booths with food and craft stuff for sale. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun. That afternoon, we drove up to New Jersey to visit with Ruth, Ethan and Carolyn and on Monday went to a cookout at the Daniels (actually a cook in since it was raining) and then back to Omega Monday evening. It was a nice weekend.
I have been working on my never-ending project list of boat maintenance and upgrades while Sue knits and continues her recovery from the operation. She is doing very well and now has almost no pain other than when she bends or stretches too much. We will stay I this area another few days and head up the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal next Thursday and then to Cape May, NJ on Friday to visit with friends who have a house there. Then it is off to the New York area for another stop and visit with friends. We have been studying the Hudson River information we have and will probably venture up the Hudson next and link up with my sister Milbrey and her husband Walt who live in Copake, NY on the east side of the river. They have been on the boat with us in the Bahamas the last two winters.
We are anchored near shore and this is the year the loca 17 year Cicadas "hatch" and several of them made it as far as our dinghy before expiring. They really can't fly - more like uncotrolled sky diving - and don't livery lobg after their 17 year gestation. Very strange bugs! Makes you wonder what the Creator was thinking about when inventing this creature!

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