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August 25, 2004

LI, Newport, East Greenwich, and Portsmouth RI

It really has been a long time since I updated the log! We spent a night at our old Yacht Club "Stuyvesant" on City Island and met up with friend Ed Woolsey who was commodore when I joined the club back in 1999. Ed was planning to be out in the Hamptons next week and we agreed to meet up there. We left the next morning July 22nd and sailed/motored to the Thimble Islands where we anchored for the night. This is a very picturesque setting and the weather was ideal.
Our next stop was all the way to "Three Mile Harbor" off of Gardner's Bay near the Hamptons. The passage through Plum Gut was uneventful thanks to timing our trip to be going through at slack tide. This part of Long Island is really nice with many picturesque harbors and anchorages and lots of nice traditional nautical villages. As planned, we linked up with Ed Woolsey and his lady-friend Mia who owns a home there. We went out to dinner with then one night, had a cookout picnic on the beach another night with friends of theirs and went to see a movie another night. We also went for a day sail on Omega with them and their friends and had another nice weather day. These adventures took us to Sag Harbor and Greenport where we walked around the villages and did some provisioning.
We left them on the 30th and moved west to Great Peconic Bay where we anchored out. There is not much there but it is a beautiful area and I wanted to see what it is like. Now we know! We returned to Greenport (home of the mail order house "Prestons - Ships and the Sea") to Fishers Island the next day. The crossing (only about 7 miles) was uneventful even though the weather was foggy and overcast. We anchored in West Harbor on August 1st and stayed another day before moving to a marina near Mystic so we could visit the Maritime Museum the next day.
We were lucky and had a nice cool clear day for our visit to Mystic and enjoyed the Museum as always. We also visited the ships plans collection at the museum that I have read about for years and was looking forward to seeing. The staff is very friendly and helpful and we were able to browse through to collection and walk around unescorted. I was surprised that we could do this given the importance and value of their collection.
After another night at Fishers Island we moved on to Newport and as we were entering the harbor, got a telephone call from my sister saying that our stepmother Ruth had passed away. This was not unexpected since she had terminal cancer but was still very sad news. Ruth was cremated and a memorial service was set for August 21st so we continued on out way until it was time to travel back to NJ for the memorial service.
Newport is of course a yachting Mecca and is a nice (but expensive) place to visit. We ate out one night at a nice Italian place that was good and had a table outside on a pleasant evening. I also went to the public library to access the Internet (free) since my computer went wonky and stopped connecting to my cell phone for Internet access. It got worse and at one point I thought I had lost all the files and software but it turned out that the files were there. I have now reinstalled most of the lost software and am almost back to where I was before the problem occurred.
After Newport we moved up Narragansett Bay to East Greenwich and met up with Ann and Neville Clements on their home built catamaran "Peace". We met them in the Bahamas last winter and became good friends. They "summer" in East Greenwich and will be returning to the Bahamas this winter so we will probably see them again.
With hurricane "Charlie" on the way, we moved to Portsmouth RI and our friends the Pritchards. Andy and Dave were onboard Omega last winter in the Bahamas and they invited us to use a mooring near their summer home. We had another great visit with good friends and had a day sail on Omega with Dave's sister Jane, her son Tim who is a soon to be famous actor and his girlfriend Lauren. They also had visitors Claire and Adam from San Francisco who work for Addison Wesley (the scientific book publishers) who are now using the highly innovative educational software that Dave and Andy's company has developed. It was another nice day on the water and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
We also had a visit from Janice Perry who with husband Barry, sailed with me on my previous boat, "The Floating Bear" in the Virgin Islands many years ago. They have a summer home at South Dartmouth, MA is just down the road from Portsmouth.
On Thursday, we rented a car and drove back to Marlton, NJ for the memorial service and to move our stuff that we had stored at Ruth and Richard's. It was a nice family reunion with my former wife Norma and our four children and three grandchildren there. All the Zelley family was also there so it was a big gathering. My brother in law Walton and his son Ed were the ministers for the service and did a great job with their memorials to Ruth. It was a sad but at the same time joyful event with all the good memories of Ruth and my dad and having the family together.
Last night we returned to Omega and settled in to our on board routines. Today we did our provisioning and turned in the rental car. After a few boat chores, we sailed from Portsmouth to Bristol RI and got a mooring at the Herreshoff Museum which we will visit tomorrow.
Our plans are to continue east to Buzzards Bay and hopefully link up with other sailing friends. We also hope for good weather and the time to get out to Nantucket before we turn south.

Posted by Dick at 02:30 PM