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September 24, 2004

Camera upoads now working!

Hi everyone. I now have recovered from the computer virus and am able to upload photos as you can see. I have caught up from August with 2 new albums so take a look.
We are in the Annapolis area on a USMA mooring (free) on Weems Creek which is up the Severn River from Annapolis. Next weekend we will be at the Whitby/Brewer Reuinon nearby on Whitehall Creek and then over to Chestertown to have the boat hauled for the "annual" bottom painting chore. While the boat is out of the water, we will drive to Durham, NC to link up with KAT, Jackie, Jaidan and Liz to go to my aunt Sue's 90th birthday celebration in Charlotte, NC on October 9th and 10th. We are looking forward to a mini Turner family reuion and a meeting with all the Hamilton cousins and families.

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September 06, 2004

The trip south to Baltimore

The Herreshoff Museum is an interesting place to visit for yachting fans. It is steeped with the history of yachting and the glory days of the America’s Cup challenges and the defenders designed and built by Herreshoff. The complex also has a building dedicated to the Cup and the defender “America3” is outside on display. Herreshoff also designed and built steam engines and the company had its own foundry for casting not only parts for the engines they built but also various boat fittings invented by Herreshoff. They have many examples of Herreshoff designed boats on display and some can be boarded for close inspection. It was an interesting and enjoyable day.
That afternoon we moved across the harbor for fuel and water and got a mooring at the Bristol Yacht club. We took our dinghy to the town dock and walked around the historical downtown area, got Sue’s newspaper and had some ice cream. Our friends Jill and Tony come here every year for the oldest 4th of July parade in the US and to visit with Tony’s family. The following day we returned to Newport and anchored. The next day we went ashore to use the computer at the wonderful public library and walk around town, which is always fun in Newport. On the 27th we left and sailed “around the corner” to Buzzards Bay and up to Hadley Harbor which is just south of Woods Hole Mass.
Our friends Debbie and Paul Casey on “Imagine” met us there with their boat and rafted alongside Omega for the night. Paul and I met through business years ago at environmental trade shows and discovered a mutual interest in sailing and the desire to go cruising. He sold his company several years ago and then they took off for six months to go south. It was a long overdue get-together since we chased them down the ICW two years ago but never were able to catch up with them to visit. Of course, we swapped cruising stories and caught up on business related gossip and ad a nice time. They are fun people and we hope to see them again on the cruising.
A close look at the calendar and our desire to be in Baltimore for the “Southbound Cruisers Reunion” on September 7-9 convinced me that it was time to turn around and head south. Gong to Nantucket would force us to make the passage to Cape May NJ offshore and given the weather outlook with tropical storms and hurricanes, that didn’t sound good. The trip south through Long Island Sound is longer but safer so on the 29th we headed back to Newport as the first leg of the southbound trip. It was a beautiful day and the sailing was a near “10” but as we entered the Newport harbor, dense fog closed in very quickly and we could hardly see the bow of the boat. Thank goodness for the GPS and our familiarity with the harbor from previous visits!
Early the next morning it was still foggy but by 10 am it had started to lift so off we went to LI Sound. The sun came out and it was another beautiful sailing day. We got a mooring in Stonington Ct., which is another nice colonial town with many historic houses that are beautifully maintained. Very expensive real estate!
It was rainy and hazy the next morning but we set off anyway for the trip down the sound. As the day progressed, the sun came out and with the help of the incoming tide we got as far as Cold Springs Harbor. This was always one of our favorite anchorages when we had the boat on City Island and is surrounded by beautiful big money old homes.
The tides through the Sound and the East River were favorable again and we zipped through NY City quickly and got to see all the extra security for the Republican convention but it didn’t cause us much problem other than having to go on the east side of Roosevelt Island in the East River by the United Nations building and this required waiting for a bridge to open. We continued through the NY harbor area and out into the Atlantic about 4 PM for the overnight trip to Cape May. NOAA had forecast 5-10 knot winds from the north-northeast but of course the wind was due south! How can they be so far off??? We were able to sail but also motored to time our arrival the next morning. It was a clear night and the moon was almost full so there was a lot of light. It is really beautiful out on the water under these conditions and the lights along the coast were visible since we were not too far offshore. Atlantic City can be seen from 40 miles away with all the neon etc on the casinos and hotels. It is quite a sight but is a large amount of light pollution. We got to Cape May about 9 o’clock on September 2nd. Hurricane Francis was tearing up the Bahamas by this time with 140 knot winds and looked for sure to hit Florida soon so we were relieved to have this leg of the trip behind us during a nice weather window.
After an shower and crashing for some much needed sleep, we called long time Haddonfield friends Rachel and Mark Heston who have a house in Cape May and had invited us to visit with them. We brought them aboard Omega that evening for drinks before going out to dinner at a nice place that overlooks the Delaware Bay. There was a clear sunset but once again we didn’t see the “green flash” as the sun slipped below the horizon.
The next day we took the Hestons with their daughter Kathy and her husband Mark out for a day sail off Cape May and then went to the beach by the Cape May lighthouse for a swim. They had us over for a cookout where their 2 grandsons joined the party before heading out for a night on the town. We got back to Omega about 11 pm after a pleasant day with good friends.
The next day the tides and wind were favorable again and we left about 8 am for the trip up the Delaware and through the C&D canal to the Chesapeake Bay. Another nice but long day had us anchored in Veasy Cove at the north end of the Chesapeake. We can relax now since we can move around the Chesapeake without too much worry about weather and have an extra day to get to Baltimore before the reunion begins.
Another pleasant day of sailing down the Chesapeake and we arrived at the Anchorage Marina for the reunion. The weather is cloudy but OK otherwise. We have Internet access at the marina so I am able to upload this Log entry!

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