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October 21, 2004

Reloaded recent entries

Several recent entries to the log appear to have disappeared so I am reloading them as follows:
The Southbound Cruisers Reunion in Baltimore was fun as usual and we saw a lot of lot friends from prior years and various places along the way. We also made a lot of new friends whom we will undoubtedly run into as we wander along our way south or wherever we go!
After the Reunion, we moved south to Annapolis with an overnight stop in the Magothy River. I left Sue and the boat twice to help Fresh Creek interview candidates for a sales position. This involved rental cars driving to Richmond, VA. I went via Route 301 instead of I-95 to avoid the traffic. It is a nice drive and goes through La Plata, MD where we lived when I was 4 or 5 years old (1944-45). Dad was working for the Army Signal Corps installing the transmitter towers for the low frequency (worldwide) communication systems for the armed services. I looked for the house we lived in but couldn’t find it – obviously a lot has changed in 60 years or my memory is no good!
We have been up the Severn River on Weems Creek using a US Naval Academy free mooring for the last week. It is convenient to Annapolis and very protected. There are several other southbound cruisers here and we have gotten to know several of them.
I have purchased and installed the Verizon VZAccess high speed Internet PC Card on my computer and signed up for the $80 unlimited monthly service plan. It is a BIG improvement in speed over the cell phone connection – as high as 2 megabytes/second vs. 14 kb with the cell phone - and it is nice to be able to sign on without worrying about incurring extra charges. I have also reduced my Globalstar satellite phone plan to the monthly minimum to offset some of the Verizon costs. I can now be online anytime to surf the web and trade covered calls to pay for the “easy life” and this is working out very well.
Today we will take the short trip to Whitehall Creek to be at the Whitby/Brewer Owners Association reunion. We went last year for the first time and got a lot of good ideas for Omega improvements and met a lot of nice people. Next Wednesday we will be in Chestertown to have Omega hauled so I can do the “annual” (actually 18 months) bottom painting and other out of the water stuff. While she is “on the hard” we will drive to Durham to visit KAT, Jackie and Jaidan and go on with them the Charlotte, NV to be at my Aunt Sue’s 90th birthday celebration. Liz is also going to join us and it will be fun to see my 5 cousins and their families too.

October 11, 2004
We are now back in Durham at KAT and Jackie’s house after the trip to Charlotte for my aunt Sue’s Hamilton’s 90th birthday celebration. It was a great weekend and fun to catch up with all the Hamilton side of the family and visit with two of my daughters at the same time. Sue is in good health and has a wonderful “mother in law” suite that her son Joe built onto his house for her. Three of her five children were there. Her daughter Susan and her husband Thom couldn’t make it because Thom has heart problems and was in the hospital. They won’t know until next week what procedure will be required and it didn’t sound too serious. Unfortunately her #2 son Jim decided not to come but the rest did and it was good to see Pete and Judy, US Ambassador to Guatemala John and wife Donna, and Joe and wife Kathy plus almost all of their children and spouses and their children! It was a big gathering and Sue really seemed to enjoy it and kept up with all us youngsters through it all. I will try to upload photos o the site later today.
Omega was hauled last Wednesday at the Chestertown, MD marina for the annual bottom painting. Her bottom looked good after 16 months in the water and we were able to get it cleaned up and the first coat of paint on before we left for Durham. We will finish this chore this week and put her back in the water.

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