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December 01, 2004

Thanksgiving in Daytona Beach

We are now in warm sunny St. Augustine Florida and think we have finally left cold weather behind. Our trip through the rest of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia was mostly filled with cold weather and some rain. We went outside overnight from Charleston to Cumberland Island and that leg was pleasant with a new moon and a soft southern wind. This meant that we motored the whole way but it was still nice and without any problems.
Our visit to Charleston was nice as usual. We took the marina shuttle into town and walked around the old part of town. Sue found two magnetic bracelets in the market area and has been wearing them ever since. She feels much better with less aches and pains in her hands and wrists. Don’t know what it is but they seem to work! We had a very nice early dinner at “Poogan’s Porch.” It is in an old house that is reported to be haunted by a friendly ghost. Charleston has lots of ghost stories – good for the tourist business!
We also enjoyed being back at Cumberland Island and took a long walk on the beach and through the old oak trees. We are now on the lookout for sea glass on beaches but didn’t find any at Cumberland. We did find several new shells for the on board collection.
We left Cumberland Island at dawn on the 20th and went outside and down the coast to St. Augustine and dropped anchor in front of the old fort about 3 PM. It was another nice day to be on the water other than the wind again being due south so we were motoring. We met Richard and Joanne Laird (Sue’s relatives) for dinner at a nice Cuban restaurant and then walked around the town. This was the beginning of their Christmas season “Festival of Lights” so it was fairly crowded with people who came out for the event. The have just bought a 22 foot powerboat and are enjoying it so we had lot to talk about.
Today we went ashore again and Sue went shopping on her own. She says I bug her and ruin the shopping experience so I went my own way and we linked up after several hours. We will move down to Daytona Beach by Tuesday to visit with friend Chuck Ellenwood and his lady friend Kathy for a few days including the Thanksgiving feast. The last two days here have been perfect – warm, dry with wonderful sunshine and a gentle breeze.

Posted by Dick at 07:16 AM