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June 20, 2005

Durham, the Dismal Swamp and NJ.

We spent two days in Manteo, NC and got a rental car to drive over to Kitty Hawk and the Wright Brothers museum at the National Park. It was fun to do it again after 40 years! The Ranger gave an excellent talk in the building that has the reproduction of the original “Wright Flyer” airplane. The story is very interesting as an entrepreneurial business venture and the problems they had to solve by “thinking outside of the box”. Most fascinating to me was the development of the internal combustion gas engine to power the plane. The very first ever gas engine was developed by Daimler in Germany in 1897 and only six years later the mechanic for the Wright Brothers designed and built the 12 horsepower, 100 pound engine from scratch, with no drawings just months before their flight! Among other features, the engine block was cast aluminum.
From the first manned heavier than air flight in 1903 to walking on the moon was only 66 years! From my first visit to the museum in the early 50’s to today spans about 50% of the total time that man has flown in heavier than air craft. The pace of technological change is amazing.
We left Manteo in rain and motor sailed to Elizabeth City, NC where we picked up the rental car and drove to Durham for the visit with KAT, Jackie and Jaidan. As usual, we had a great time and enjoyed their company and the chance to play with Jaidan. We went to an Indian Pow Wow in Tarboro and a Sunday morning Jazz brunch in Chapel Hill.
From Elizabeth City we went up the Dismal Swamp Canal route to Norfolk where we anchored Omega at ICW mile marker zero where the ICW starts - or stops – depending on how you look at it.
Last Friday we got another rental car and drove to visit Liz and Mike in Pennsylvania and then on to Ethan and Carolyn’s place in Haddonfield, NJ Saturday to help them load the truck for their move south to Ft. Lauderdale. We managed to get it all into the truck but they are really dragging the tail of the truck! We then drove to Josh’s place where we are now.
Yesterday we went back to south Jersey to the Daniel’s (Carolyn’s parents) farm for a father’s day party complete with steamed crabs, ribs, ice cream and many other goodies. As always it was fun being with all of them and the weather was perfect.
Today we will visit with Lynne James and Brian Higgins in their new home in Rumson, NJ and then it’s on to the various doctor’s appointments Tuesday and Wednesday, Wednesday night we will stay with Marilyn and Hank Neeley in Yardley, Pa before we return to Omega on Thursday.

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June 02, 2005

North to Beauford, NC

We are afloat again and in Beauford, NC. The yard in St. Augustine finally got the broken prop strut problem fixed and we launched again on May 27th. It took 3 weeks and 3 days and many “boat units” of money!
We anchored out by the old fort that afternoon and visited with our new friends Nancy and Mike on “Serenity” for a sundowner. They are on the last leg of a nine-year circumnavigation and are waiting for the right weather to head south to the Panama Canal on their way home to Portland Oregon. They were in the yard with us and we had lots of time to hear of their great adventure. He is a medical doctor and she ran a printing business before retiring to go sailing. He gave me a bootleg copy of a software navigation program called “Cmap” and I have been using it and love it. Thanks again Mike.
We also got better acquainted with Kay and Scott on “Goldie”. They are retired police officers from Tampa cruising on a Schucker 50’ sailboat. He has learned to play the guitar since being on the boat and we went to a local St. Augustine restaurant/bar that has “open mike” night once a week. He played 3 funny songs – one with the kazoo as well as the guitar and is very good. We have seen them several times along our cruising route – at the southbound cruisers reunion in Baltimore and several places in the Bahamas.
Our big trip north started on Saturday May 28th as we left St. Augustine for the Atlantic Ocean in light southerly winds. We went direct to Cape Fear, NC and then on the ICW to Wrightsville Beach before stopping. Total time about 55 hours. The wind cooperated until the last hour coming in to Cape Fear when it shifted north and piped up to 25 knots with rain. No big deal.
On Tuesday we moved north in the ICW to the anchorage at Mile Hammock Bay at Camp LeJeune. Yesterday we arrived here in Beauford and decided to get a slip at the marina so we could do some exploring of Beauford. It has rained steadily all night and is forecasted to continue to rain most of today.
The “plan” is to move north via the outer banks and visit Ocracoke Island, Roanoke Island and the area around there before crossing the Albemarle Sound to Elizabeth City, NC. We have an Enterprise car reserved there to spend the weekend of June 13- 16 with Kat, Jackie and Jaidan. After that there are no firm dates other that doctors appointments in NJ June 21 and 22.

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