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September 05, 2005

Summer on the Chesapeake

We spent the rest of July and all of August at various places on the Chesapeake but mostly Annapolis. The weather in late July and the first half of August was very hot and humid so we spent a lot of time finding air conditioned places to hang out. We also had follow up and routine doctors appointments in New Jersey so made several trips north for these and on August 14 attended the wedding of our friends Lynne James and Brian Higgins. The wedding was outdoors at the Atlantic Highlands lighthouse! A beautiful setting and it was a nice but warm day so the view from the top of the highlands made a perfect backdrop for the event. Both were married before so their children participated in the wedding.
With the start of September the weather has taken a turn towards fall with crisp cool breezes and nice sleeping at night. The last two days have been about as close to a perfect 10 as you can get on the water. The sky was a beautiful blue and the few clouds are the fluffy cumulous type you see in paintings. In addition to crossing the Bay and coming up the Chester River to Chestertown, we have had perfect conditions for outside boat work so I have been doing paint and varnish work that I put off during the humid summer days.
Omega has gotten some modifications upgrades and repairs. The genoa has a new green sacrificial cover, the mainsail has been reworked with a new Dutchman reefing system, the two wire rope halyards are now braded Dacron (easier on the hands) and a new cruising spinnaker (green, gold and white) is on order from Doyle Sailmakers. The old Hood spinnaker is being sold on eBay as this is being written. The anchor windlass stopped working and I hope to be able to repair it rather than spend the $3,100 a new one costs but don’t know yet if it will be possible. The standing rigging is being replaced after 21 years and a new roller furling system will go on the genoa. I also replaced the lifelines using the Annapolis West Marine rigging shop to make them up. All in all, a long list and a lot of “boat units” of money.
We have met up with boating friends along the way and visited with John Cerce (Menehune) and Jerry and Jenny Clapsaddle (Chessel) on the West River and have crossed paths with Bill and Laverne on “Rocinatea” several times. The Whitby/Brewer owners club is having their annual get together on the West River the end of September and we will be there. We are also going to the Doyle Sailmakers outing September 16-18 so we have a full social agenda the next few weeks.
We have booked tickets to San Diego October 5-11 to visit with Louisa, Chris and my new granddaughter Neva Claire. We return from this trip to work for Fawcetts Marine Supply store at the powerboat show in Annapolis. It should be fun and we get free admission to the show as well as earning the big bucks at $9 per hour!
I really need to do a better job keeping the log up to date. Several of you who are frequent readers have mentioned my lack of updates so I will try to do better!

Posted by Dick at 08:35 PM