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March 31, 2006

Back to Nassau

We are now back in Nassau for several days on our way through towards Marsh Harbor in the Abacos.
We were in Georgetown through the big Regatta week along with about 450 other boats! It is a lot of fun and the cruisers there are a very interesting and talented group. The last evening of Regatta week is a talent and variety show put on by local Bahamians and the Cruisers. Lots of musicians and other acts and skits. The locals serve food and drinks to raise money for local charities. We were judges for the sand sculpture contest and there are photos of some of the entries on the site. They also had a conch horn blowing contest, several fun sailing races, a coconut scramble, a bridge tournament, volleyball, tennis, beach golf, and other stuff I cannot remember now.
We then worked our way north to the Exuma Park HQ and stayed 10 days doing some volunteer work. Met some old friends along the way and made many new ones as usual.
It was sad to leave the Park since it has become a very special place to us.
We have a date to visit with KAT, Jackie and Jaidan at Ocracoke Island on the NC outer banks the middle of May so we have to be a little mindful of our non existant schedule!

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March 03, 2006

Catch up on activities

I'm back in the States for a business trip and visiting daughter Elizabeth tonight and tomorrow. Sue is in Georgetown, Exumas with Omega enjoying Regata Week with all the other 500 or so cruising boaters. They have concerts, volleyball, bridge, the Pet Parade, a flip flop fashion show, and a crazy fun "race" for several classes of boats, all interspersed with a lot of partying! I will be back on the boat Sunday March 5th so I will get to enjoy the last of the events.
We have been in the Bahamas since late January and have enjoyed mostly nice beautiful weather along the way. We came through Nassau to the Exumas and have been there ever since. We spent about 10 days at the Exuma Park headquarters doing some volunteer work and just hanging out. We like the boaters that gather there and gotten to know the park staff as friends. It is a beautiful place and we never get tired of the georgious views and water.
I have now been taught to spear fish and have captured (speared) my first few fish. Small ones in shallow water it start. Jock, the French Canadian who taught me, is very experienced and good at it so it was fun. It is actually not to hard once someone gives you the tips on how to do it. The fish taste good too! He got a nice big lobster and gave it to us and since Sue doesn't like lobster, I have gotten to eat most of it! Photos will be on the web site as soon as I can upload them.
We plan to stay in the Exumas until it is time to start north again and may come back through the Abacos on the way north as we did last year. Omega is doing well so no current boat problems to report.
My computer problems turned out to be hardware so I decided it was time to get a new one. I took the plunge and switched back to an Apple and got the top end G4 with all the goodies. The CompUSA store is adding the extra memory and all the software for me and I will pick it up tomorrow. Hope it works and that the Apple Virtual PC software will really run my PC based software. We shall see...

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