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May 22, 2006

Ocracoke Island

We have just finished a wonderful weekend visit on Omega with KAT, Jackie, and grandson Jaidan. The came by ferry to Ocracoke on Saturday afternoon and left at noon today. They all adapted to life on the boat well and we made it easy by staying at the National Park Service dock the whole time. Since they came by car, we were able to drive up Ocracoke Island and see the “wild” ponies (actually in a pen and fed by the Park Rangers) as well as the campgrounds that are in the Park area. We went out to dinner last night and made it through with Jaidan behaving reasonably well for a two year old. We also visited the Ocracoke lighthouse and a nature preserve that is at the southern tip of the island that has a ‘barrier island forest” of live oaks, cedars and other scrub trees. The formation of barrier islands is amazing when one is reminded that they are many miles from the mainland across very shallow water and that the continental shelf extends many miles to the east of them.
Jaidan is a very well behaved and pleasant two year old and is busy and on the go all the time except when he is sleeping! He is a good-looking child and has a wonderful smile. I am looking forward to seeing him grow up and hope we can arrange our lives to see them frequently. One downside of the cruising lifestyle is that it does take you away from family and friends for long periods of time and I have to remind myself that we must also make time for our families.
We will stay here at the dock another day and then head north – probably via Manteo to the ICW and Norfolk. That will put us back on the Chesapeake by the end of this week.

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May 03, 2006

We cross back to the States

Our crossing back to the states went smoothly and we entered at the St, Mary’s River channel on April 22nd about 9:30 AM after about 50 hours underway. We were with several other boats headed back so we had company along the way. Other than being tired it went well and there were no problems. One of the other boats (Obsession) caught several Spanish Mackerels and a large (50 pound!) Wahoo while doing the crossing and they organized a fish fry in Fernandina Beach at a relative’s home. Sue and I were invited to partake and enjoyed it.
After a rest day and clearing customs and immigration, we headed up the ICW towards Charleston. On Monday the 24th, we anchored in Wahoo Creek, GA that is in the middle of nowhere but is very scenic. That night Sue suffered chest pains, irregular and fast heartbeat, high blood pressure and other symptoms of heart problems. She took an aspirin and was able to get back to sleep but the next day felt that she needed medical attention ASAP so we pushed on to the nearest city with medical facilities which was Thunderbolt, GA – a suburb of Savannah.
We got a marina slip and rented a car and took her to the emergency room where they did an EKG, blood tests, and monitored her conditions. All of these tests came back OK but they kept her ove3rnight for observation and to do a nuclear medicine stress test the next morning. This test showed a “shadow” on the bottom of her heart but they couldn’t tell from the pictures if it was an artifact or a real problem so they recommended a catheter inspection of her heart. After consulting with Dr’s Langford, she agreed to this test. It also came out OK with no problems found so her heart is fine and the symptoms were stress/panic attack and heartburn – nothing more! Good news but very worrying to say the least.
She was discharged that afternoon, and the next day we started out again and got to Charleston Sunday afternoon April 30th. We are now in New Jersey for business and other personal stuff this week and will be back on Omega next Tuesday the 7th to continue our trek north. Our next scheduled event is a weekend get together with daughter KAT and her family at Ocracoke Island on the NC outer banks. We are looking forward to seeing them again and visiting.

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