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July 29, 2006

NY City and LI Sound again

We are at Greenport, Long Island and have had a nice trip up the Jersey Coast and out the Sound. We left the Chesapeake on July 1st and made it through the Chesapeake and Delaware canal and down the river to Cape May in one day – thanks to favorable winds and a falling tide. We visited with Rachael and Mark Heston at their Cape May house and had some beach time and several pleasant meals out.
From Cape May we went outside in calm weather to Atlantic City and then outside again to Barnegat Bay before making the final leg to Atlantic Highlands. There we visited with Lynne and Brian Higgins at their new house in Rumson. It is a factory built house and has turned out very nicely. They are still doing finishing touches like gutters and some trim but should be finished sometime soon.
We got a rental car and drove to Cedar Grove for the Fresh Creek board meeting and then up to Copake Falls, NY to spend the long weekend with my sister Milbrey and her husband Walt and were there to help her celebrate her birthday. We agreed that we don’t disclose birthday numbers anymore! While there we went to Tanglewood for a classical music concert in the shed on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and also drove by our old house in Stockbridge. It looks much like it did when we left it in 1974 and is quite an imposing old (1840’s) farmhouse with rambling additions, white picket fence and marble carriage step out front, and of course, lots of beautiful flowers. The current residents, the Weavers, weren’t home so I couldn’t visit with them to share stories of the place.
We then went to daughter Liz’s in Bensalem, Pa and picked up a rental truck with a car dolly and moved the contents of the north Jersey storage locker to a new storage place near her house. Some of the “stuff” went to her house for her to use, some to be sold on eBay or Craig’s List, and some to the trash! The Bentley made the trip OK on the dolly behind the truck and it is a relief to have this move done. It saves some money for the locker, gets rid of some stuff, generates a little cash from the junk sales, and simplifies our lives a little. The weather was HOT and HUMID so it was not much fun but is behind us now.
On the way back to the boat we stopped and had a brief but nice visit with Sue’s son Josh and left him some family photo albums that were in the storage locker.
Finally returning to the boat, we left Atlantic Highlands on July 24th and went into NY harbor and anchored by the Statue of Liberty. It is always a thrill and reminds us of how great it is to be an American! The next day we caught the rising tide for the trip up the East River and onto LI Sound. We spent the night at Captains Island off of Greenwich. It is one of our favorite places on the Sound and one we use to stay at frequently when Omega was based at City Island.
Our next stop was Port Jefferson, which is another nice anchorage except for the wake of the ferryboats in and out all day long.
The next leg took us out the Sound, through Plum Gut and into Greenport. We anchored out the first night and then came in to get a City mooring so we could go ashore easily and do some provisioning and walk around Greenport. It is a beautiful old whaling/fishing town with very historic homes and a nice feel to it. The folks at “Preston’s Ships and the Sea” store remembered us from our visit the week before 9/11 when Sue got her fingers very badly mangled in the dock line and they were very helpful. We thanked them again and showed them her fully recovered fingers!
Its now Saturday the 29th and we will go ashore again for more fresh corn on the cob (delicious) before we cross the Sound to Fishers Island for the night. Its then on to Narragansett Bay to visit Anne and Neville on “Peace” at East Greenwich RI, then to the summer house of friends the Pritchard’s in Portsmouth, RI on Sakonnet River.

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July 06, 2006

North to New England

We are in Atlantic City anchored just north of all the casinos waiting for better weather to go north to Sandy Hook. I realized that the last entry was “Back on the Chesapeake Again” so a lot has happened since then.
We had a nice visit with friends the Keens at their home on Wilton Creek nears Deltaville as we moved north. We took a “detour” up the Rappahannock River to Urbana and to the Yankee Point Marina on the north side of the Rappahannock to check it out as a possible place to store the boat this winter while we take our extended (six month!) trip to Australia and New Zealand! The frequent flier tickets are now issued and we leave from Raleigh/Durham airport October 24 for Los Angeles where we will visit with Louisa, Chris and Neva in San Diego for a week before we hop the plane for Melbourne Australia on October 31st.
The general plan is to rent or buy a vehicle (not sure if it will be a car, van or RV) and tour Australia for about three months. For sure we want to go to the Great Barrier Reef (probably at Cairns) and do the southeast area around as far as Adelaide. The big decisions are whether to press on the Perth and/or to Alice Springs (Ayers Rock) and Darwin on the north coast. These are very long jaunts so we will wait and see how it is going. To stay within our means, we will be doing some camping, some hostels, and B&B’s and avoiding the expensive tourist stuff and fancy restaurants.
We leave Melbourne for Auckland Jan 23rd and will do about the same thing there returning via LA April 9th. The ides is to continue to use the web site to post photos and a log of the trip so you all can follow our journey. I think the computer will go with us so we can stay in touch via e-mail and I am looking into getting a cell phone in each country for mostly in country use to make reservations, etc., and for high priority calls home if needed. We want to pack light and “live off the land” once we get there to the maximum extent possible. We shall see how this idea works out!
From Yankee Point Marina (where we had a new muffler installed in Omega to replace the original one that got a hole in it after 22 years!) we moved to the Annapolis area. Our friends the Pritchards spent 5 days aboard with us and we did the Eastern Shore – the Wye River, and St. Michaels and the Museum. We also made two trips back north – one to NJ for “health maintenance week”, and another to Scarborough Maine for a business meeting related to Fresh Creek.
Our “no plan” plan for the rest of the summer is to visit friends in the Sandy Hook area and then go out Long Island Sound to the Narraganset Bay area for additional visits with boating friends before we turn south to put Omega on the hard for the BIG trip.

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