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August 23, 2006

Narragansett Bay and turning south

It has been an interesting and enjoyable month in the Narragansett Bay area. We left Greenport, LI on July 29th and crossed the Sound to Fishers Island. The passage through Plum Gut is always “interesting” with the strong tidal currents but we made it without any problems. The West Harbor on Fishers Island is a nice anchorage and we always enjoy returning to it. The next day we went east to Point Judith and into the West Passage up Narragansett Bay to Dutch Harbor. This was our first time there and it is a really well protected anchorage and the surrounding shoreline is attractive with nice (read expensive) old and new homes.
From Dutch Harbor, it is a short trip up the Bay to East Greenwich, RI and we were on “Pierro’s” borrowed mooring next to our friends Peace IV by mid-day. Ann and Neville Clement are wonderful and very experienced cruising friends who have five trans Atlantic crossings between them – one single-handed by Ann in Peace II, a 28 foot Shannon cutter! Brave woman!
The weather was beastly hot and humid so Ann and Nev agreed to take us in their air conditioned van to all the air conditioned stores and the Laundromat and we spent three hours at a Chinese buffet at lunch time to avoid being out in the heat! IN addition to getting chores and provisioning done, we also enjoyed their company and stayed cool.
On Friday August 4th, we left East Greenwich and went around the Portsmouth, RI to Andy and Dave Pritchard’s house where Dave had made arrangements for us to borrow a neighbor’s mooring right in front of their house. We spent 10 days there and have another pleasant visit with them including my crewing for Dave and Andy on their Graves built sloop Andromeda. As usual, we won due to Dave and Andy’s skills and a good crew! We got a rental car on Monday and drove out to Orleans on the Cape and visited Sue’s sister Linda and all her family. They had rented a large house there and Sue’s brother Rick came up from Staunton, VA where he lives so the three Pfisterer children were all there along with Lind’s three children, their spouses and the two grandchildren. It was a particularly nice visit for Sue who doesn’t get many opportunities to see her family.
On Sunday the 13th, we returned to the borrowed mooring in East Greenwich and continued out visit with Ann and Nev. I also used this time to do various boat maintenance projects that, as always, never end.
By Sunday the 20th it was time to turn south so we left East Greenwich and went to Newport and had a brief visit to town for a walk around and some ice cream but were chased back to the boat by the threat of rain that never happened.
We reentered LI Sound north of Fishers Island Monday to avoid the strong current going through The Race and yesterday came into Harry’s Marina in Westbrook, CT to visit with Louise and Dalton Marks who cruise on Pendragon. They had us to their home for dinner with another cruising couple and we had a really fun evening telling cruising stories and laughing a lot. It was good to see them again and we always enjoy their company.
Today we will head west in the Sound to work our way back to Atlantic Highlands, NJ by the 30th. We are going to drive to Brecksville, Ohio to visit my son Rich and his family over the Labor Day weekend.

Posted by Dick at 08:15 AM