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October 29, 2006

We prepare for the trip Down Under

Well, the omega of Omega has happened! The insurance company decided that she was a “total constructive loss” and paid off the full insured value so she is no longer ours. A sad day but with a bright side to it. We don’t have to pay the mortgage, insurance, storage, etc. while we take the trip down under to Australia and New Zealand.
We have used the last 7 weeks getting ready for the trip and visiting family and friends. We spent about a month with daughter Liz while we sorted out the insurance paperwork and did house projects for Liz to “pay” for our lodging. It was fun and she was a great hostess. She took us to her line dancing class several times that was also fun. Last week we drove to Durham and had a nice but short visit with KAT, Jackie and Jaidan. He is now talking and a lot of fun to be with in spite of being in the beginning of the terrible twos.
This last week we have been in San Diego with Louisa, Chris and Neva. She is just starting to talk but is very communicative and happy.
We visited two local RV dealers to look at the choices of types of units and cost. They were really helpful and we will visit with them for sure when we get back.
We also did some house projects here and have been promised more when we get back next April.
The “to do” punch list for the trip is down to the last few items, all of which should be done tomorrow. We have had the final telephone conversations with family and close friends since the cell phone will be put on vacation status for the next six months. Our flight is Tuesday evening at 8:30 and it is hard to believe that the next Great Adventure is about to really start.

Posted by Dick at 10:26 PM