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February 16, 2008

Company aboard

Our friends Judy and David Paulovic arrived about on schedule February 11th. They are not experienced boaters and have not been to the Bahamas before so it is all new to them. So far they seem to be enjoying the visit. Judy and Sue have known each other all their lives and their mothers were sorority sisters as young women. Judy grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania and Sueís family visited the farm many times when Sue was a young girl and after she grew up and had her own family. David worked for a nursery and was involved in developing many new plant varieties via grafting, etc. Since I know nothing about this field, I have had a lot of questions about how one grafts trees, etc and it has been a real education listening to him describe the process. They have graciously treated us to meals out several times during the visit, which is always a pleasant change from cooking and eating aboard.
So far we have visited Treasure Cay where we had to stay an extra day due to high winds and rain, Spoil Cay where we walked on the beach and looked for shells, Great Guana Cay and Valentines Day dinner at Nippers. We are now at Man-O War Cay where they are having their annual craft fair and sidewalk flea market today. The locals admit that business has been slow in the Abacos the last several years so I hope that the craft fair is a success and helps the local economy.
Our next stop will be Hope Town and then back to Marsh Harbor Sunday afternoon so David and Judy can connect with their flight home Monday morning.
We just had a brief gentle rain shower and I hooked up the hose to my new water catcher and have gotten some extra water in the tank. It was probably not more that a few gallons since the shower didnít last too long but it all helps and the new set up seems to work well.
Boat projects are on hold while the company is aboard but Iíll get back to the list starting Monday. I bought another piece of plywood from Mr. Albury here on Man-O War to make the other shelf in the engine room so that should get done this next week.
Internet service via Out Island Internet has been a little frustrating with dropped connections and some problems getting on line but is has worked well enough to keep us in touch with the world and the stock market. Iíll upload this log shortly.

Posted by Dick at 07:41 AM