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September 20, 2008

Fall is here!

We are back on Courage after a month away visiting family and another entry in the Ship’s Log is overdue.
Our high school classmate Bruce Zollers and his wife Sharon were on board for three days from August 19 – 21st. Bruce is one of the classmates organizing our 50th high school reunion that will take place on October 11th. We were in contact with him through this effort and invited them to spend some time with us and they did! We like having company and it was fun to get reacquainted after not seeing them since the last reunion ten years ago. They joined us in Chestertown and made the two-day cruise to Swan Creek with us. The weather was perfect and Bruce got to be “captain for a day”. They treated us to lunch at Waterman’s Restaurant in Rock Hall where Bruce and I shared a dozen delicious steamed blue claw crabs! The Enterprise rental car guy picked us up and we delivered Bruce and Sharon back to their truck in Chestertown so the logistics worked out well.
The next day Sue and I drove to daughter Liz’s house in Bensalem, PA while Courage stayed on a mooring at Swan Creek Marina while we did our “dirt dweller” stuff. We have stayed at Swan Creek Marina many times and they are really friendly and helpful. While we were away, they bailed the rainwater out of the dinghy so it was dry when we got back.
Sue and Liz left Liz’s four cats and me on Saturday and headed north. Liz dropped Sue near her sister’s house in Massachusetts and went on to Maine for her two-week vacation. I took care of the cats and did some “peeps” projects for Liz while Sue had a nice five-day visit her family before flying back to Philadelphia on Thursday on Southwest. The next week Sue had lunch with “the girls” which she always enjoys and left me to fly to Ft Myers, FL on the 8th. She got to play grandmother for Kaya while Ethan and Carolyn went to Boca Raton for a 4-day medical convention where Carolyn gave a paper and was inducted into the National Association of Urologists.
I left for San Diego on the 11th (911!) and had good flights that were not full (wonder why?) and arrived on schedule. I had a nice visit with Neva Louisa and Chris and got to play grandfather. Neva and I had several dress up parades in their back yard and we read many books and talked. I also helped Chris install a new sliding glass door in their bathroom and I repainted the shower stall bottom with an epoxy paint to dress it up. The project made a nice improvement to this bathroom. They have done a lot of improvements inside and outside of their house since they bought it and it is very attractive and pleasant.
Sue and I both returned to Philadelphia on the 16th and went back to Liz’s house for a day before returning to Courage on the 18th. We got back to Courage to find the boat card of friends Dick and Dee Shepard who live in Haddonfield where Sue and I grew up taped to our transom. They now keep their boat “Sareanna” at Osprey Marina here on Swan Creek. We called them and got together with them last night for a tour of Courage and they invited us to a delicious rack of spring lamb dinner on Sareanna. They hope to be able to retire and go cruising sometime soon so we talked a lot about the cruising life, the process of “getting ready” and logistics of living on a boat. It was an enjoyable visit and we hope to see them often on the water.
Our next big scheduled event is the Krogen Rendezvous in Solomons Maryland on October 3- 5. It will be a good time to meet other Krogen owners, tour their boats to steal ideas for Courage and have fun! The weather has turned chilly and fall is definitely on the way so we are really getting ready to start south!

Posted by Dick at 08:30 AM