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October 29, 2008

Our 50th HS reunion!

We spent the balance of September in the Annapolis area just hanging out and doing boat chores. We ran into boating friends Bobbie and Warren on Grand Eagle and visited with them several times. They are unusual boaters in that they go north in the winter to ski so we don’t expect to see them again as we move south for the winter.
October has been a busy month for us starting with the Krogen rendezvous in Solomons, MD on the 3rd through the 5th. There were a lot of other boats there and it was a fun group and we got to see other boats and steal ideas for Courage!
Following the rendezvous, we went up the Patuxent River to St Leonards Creek for several days. Like many parts of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, it is isolated and beautiful. The anchorage was protected and quiet.
We returned to leave Courage on a mooring at Zanheizer’s marina while we drove back north to attend out 50th high school reunion! About 55 (25%) of our classmates showed up including many of the close friends we both had from those days. It was a nice get together and it was fun to see them all again. We used my daughter Liz’s house as our overnight base and got some more “peeps” projects done for her while we were there. She has just had a wood-burning fireplace installed in her family room and it is very nice to sit in front of a fire on a cool autumn night. It is something we don’t get to do often since, for the most part; we are in warm climates year round!
We crossed the Chesapeake on the 16th to Crisfield, MD and have been here ever since. We needed to make one more trip north for a Fresh Creek board meeting and a routine doctor visit for Sue. The marina here is inexpensive and there is an Enterprise rental center in nearby Pocomoke. I got six live “whale” size (large) soft shell crabs from the local seafood company and froze 5 of them and had the other one for dinner. Crisfield is the self proclaimed “Soft-shell Crab Capital of the World” so this is the place to get them. Great eating!
We had several days to wait before we went north so I used the time to replace the batteries on the boat. I put in twelve 6-volt golf cart batteries in place of the 4 old and failing 8D batteries that were on Courage when I bought her. The new ones give us 1380 amp hours of capacity so we have plenty of juice now! With the new Xantrex battery condition monitor that was just installed, we can monitor the power usage and battery condition rather than guessing.
Since we got back on Courage Monday, the wind has been strong so we have delayed our departure until tomorrow when it is suppose to be 10-15 knots rather than 20-30 gusting to 40+! We have been running the two heaters and the boat stays cozy for us.
The dinghy is out of the water and lashed down in its cradle so I guess we are now really headed south! Our next “no plan plan” scheduled event is to be in Daytona Beach by Thanksgiving to celebrate with our friends there and go to the “Turkey Run” hot rod show at the Daytona speedway. We have plenty of time to get there assuming all goes well along the way.

Posted by Dick at 01:57 PM