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June 13, 2009

Justin's HS grad and other visits

After waiting for good weather, we left Willoughby Bay on May 5th and stopped in the Wicomoco River by Reedville, then to the Choptank River, and finally to Chestertown in time for their annual reenactment of The Chestertown Tea Party. On Friday night, we went to a free premier performance of a new play put on by the local theater group that was written about the events leading up to the original tea party. The local actors and actresses did a great job and the play was historically interesting and humorous at the same time. The big events were the next day and the weather was perfect. Street vendors – mostly food, a big parade with revolutionary period groups (British and American) and the local marching and bagpipe bands winding up with the reenactment of the tea party in which the colonials take over the British revenue brig Sultana, dump the tea into the river and finally throw the Redcoats overboard. Sunday was the annual raft race with local groups paddling their homemade rafts around the marks. It is a humorous fun race and very colorful.
We stayed in Chestertown several more days before crossing the Bay to Annapolis and anchoring in Weems Creek where we did laundry and provisioning. We returned to the Eastern Shore and Swan Creek on Sunday and left Courage there on a mooring at the Swan Creek Marina while we went to NJ for visits with family and friends and doctor’s appointments.
Sue had lunch with her “bridge” group on Tuesday and we spent Wednesday night at Josh and Lu’s new home in Cranford, NJ. They have made major improvements since they bought it last fall and it really looks nice. Sue had her annual visit with her oncologist and he took her off of the cancer drug she has been taking for the last 5 years. It was a big event in her post cancer program.
We spent Thursday night at Liz’s house and on Friday rode with her to Rich and Deb’s in Brecksville for Justin’s HS graduation. It was one of those rare times I got to visit with all four of my children and all four grandchildren. The weather cooperated and the graduation was nice (short) and we all embarrassed Justin by whistling and yelling as he crossed the stage to pick up his diploma. Most of us stayed at the local Embassy Suites and the kids got to use the swimming pool while Liz and I shot pool.
We returned to Liz’s house Sunday and after our annual visit to the dentist Monday morning, we returned to the boat and turned in the rental car Tuesday morning.
That evening, NOAA weather broadcast a severe weather warning with winds predicted to exceed 60 mph. I let out extra anchor chain and we buttoned up the boat and got ready. It was the worst storm we have ever experienced! Very heavy rain, hale, and winds gusting into the 60’s many times. At one point I looked up at the wind speed indicator and it was reading 74! The anchor held and other than some water blowing in under the doors and windows, we survived. The next day I looked at the wind speed indicator which records the highest speed at our location and it said 76 which is as much as a Class 1 hurricane! Not fun.
The next day we crossed the Bay again to Galesville and Hartge’s Yacht Haven to pick up the part for the screen door that was shipped to me there. Unfortunately, it had not been packed properly and was badly bent in shipping and useless. I will call the dealer again and see about getting another one.
Yesterday, we went into Back Bay to the Port Annapolis marina where the Krogen Company has their Annapolis office for an open house where they had five of their new boats on display to walk through. It is fun to gawk at $2+ million yachts and dream but we were still happy with Courage when we got back on board.
Yesterday we returned to Weems Creek and anchored near our sailing friends Bobbie and Warren on “Grand Eagle”. We have seen them here many times and it was fun to visit with them again. They are both retired US navy Captains and she was captain in command of a fleet tanker that was part of an aircraft carrier support group. Warren was in Marine Recon and them in Intelligence. Both are interesting people and fun to talk with. We are having them aboard Courage this evening for drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres.

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